what work sounds like.
I’m not an incredibly smart person, i’m like average but I do know there’s a lot of dumb mutherfuckers out there -dumber than me! which means
___ ___ __ __

Apr 10


Produced By: The Architect
Mixed By: Leon Kelly & The Architect
Add’tl Vox: Diamante, AK, Meechy Darko

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/athh19ut6883cs3/Get_Yours.mp3

Apr 04

should be at the show tonight but i’m unaware of time and dates and stuf

Apr 04


whatever man.
isn’t it funny how all a human person needs is accessibility to make bad decisions.
this upcoming decision is pretty bad since I can’t/don’t have an escape route/plan b for it
It’s more of a -I made it & stay prepared to handle the consequences

its whatever the real scary part is the gigantic poisonous ball of apathy that grows inside of me, but

meh. life -carry on

Apr 04

think I’ve had this song stuck in my head for about a year now

Mar 24
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