sunday afternoon, sitting in
eating a hot dog all i heard was:
thisway thatway thisway thatway
anytime any day

Jan 19


What about the audience set-up? Do you have preferences between the cinema context—where everyone is in rows and their attention is directed forward at a screen—or the gig or club situation?

Cosey: It depends what music you’re playing in a club.

Chris: You can really play the audience in a club. If you really fine tune the sounds you’re using you can lift them up, bring them down, alter their reactions quite interestingly.

Cosey: Well, that’s what it’s for, that’s why people go to clubs. The conjoined experience.

Chris: And I do enjoy doing that.

Cosey: You’re feeding off their feelings towards the music, then that comes back out again and sort of accelerates and accumulates to a point where you just don’t know what to do—euphoria.

Chris: It’s a good feeling, that.

Cosey: We’ve had quite a few gigs like that lately. I’ve said it before but you reach a point where you’re so excited and euphoric with the people that you suddenly have to go, “Hang on a minute, I’m making the sound that’s creating this feeling so I’d better concentrate on what I’m going to do next!”

Chris: We got that at Heaven, definitely. The crowd were really behind us. I’d been concerned about the London crowd—London crowds can be difficult, they’ve seen it all, been there before, bought the t-shirt and they can be difficult crowds, but that night they were behind us all the way and they loved every minute of it. People mouthing the words that Cosey was singing, they knew all the songs, it was a high-energy gig, was that.

Cosey: It made me want to change the words!

Chris: You can get mischievous. But that was a highlight definitely of this year.


Jan 15

dude pulled out the thesaurus on this one.

Oct 10
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