Recloose - Ain’t Changin’ (C’s Dark Soul Mix) [Planet E] 2002

fuckin really. feel free to bring this one back!

Jun 12

Music Monday Rundown

awesome lady punk (ish), noise (ish), lo-fi bands

Explode Into Colors:


Comanechi’s new one is ace as well (better than Pre’s epic fits of 08’)

^seriously 3 of the best rock music bands/ep’s/lp’s I’ve come across in a while

-My favorite radioshow/podcast happening right now is Recloose's
Hit it and Quit it radio:

next one up they’re interviewing Anthony “Shake” Shakir

Lone - Ecstasy & Friends

^more of that Stargazeā„¢ music
that summed up my 09’ brief pill munching stint ack
Anyway I liked it it’s chill, every track kinda sounds like the beginning of Al B. Sure’s - Night and Day + mem tapes/neon indian

Dec 14
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